Cynthia J. Sarvai, MCHC


You can't put a price tag on your health!

Helping mid-lifers honor their greatest selves with a healthier lifestyle the natural way! 

Let's work together building that lifestyle to honor YOU!


A little bit about me

My story isn’t one of uniqueness but rather enlightenment.  Like many people, I never realized the impact foods had on my health, I just ate what I thought was healthy, or not, I would find out!  Struggling with my weight all my life, and knowing the ups and downs of diets, the disappointments, the struggles and trying to maintain the weight loss, realizing I lived to eat, verses eating to live.


In 2012, watching the documentary ‘Food Inc.’ was the eye opener that started my journey, and my true metamorphosis began. 

After a major health crisis, I put all the knowledge into gear and began working on a new healthier me.  Organic, clean, God given foods that weren't processed was my new way of living.  You see, we are all human; we all have slip ups, but I have gone from a free-spirited eater to one that pays more attention to what my body needs to function.

I obtained a Master Health Coaching Certificate at the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and continue to engage in a healthier way of life with a passion to help others that seek the same.

Aren't you worth being True To You? and bringing your best self into light?