Heath Coaching Services for YOU!


One-on-One Coaching


Working right alongside you on your personal journey to wellness,

One-on-One coaching is done at the clients pace. 

There is no pressure or restrictions of any kind. We will explore the key components of health and wellness; Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutritian.  Working together, your goals CAN be reality.


What coaching sessions entail:


Sessions are 1-hour in length including a 15-minute follow-up telephone call between each session. 

Choose from 1-monthto a years worth of sessions. All coaching sessions can be customized to

fit your personal needs.




LEAN Start     

Learn the basic of healthier eating with this 6-week workshop. Each week you'll learn about different areas of the LEAN philosophy - Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition. Topics covered: Traffic Light Eating & Portion Control, Breakfast & Grains, Vegies and Fruits, The Skinny on Fat, Power up with Protein and Play, and Water.  Something for everyone!  Fee based on group size.


LEAN Essentials

The abbreviated version of the LEAN START workshop covered in a one-time 2-hour session.


Prime Time Health

For those adults who want to take charge of their health, prevent disease, avoid disability and spend money on something other than doctors! Learn how to open your body’s own pharmacy without a prescription! 


Pantry Make Overs

Invite me into your kitchen to explore your pantry.  Find ways to make improvements one step at a time!


Demystifying the Grocery Store

Exactly that!  Reading labels & comparing products can be so overwhelming never mind trying to make the healthiest choices out there!!  Let's cut through all the marketing and false advertising and find out what really matters most, healthy choices in the grocery store!


On-Line Group Coaching

Little time on your hands?  This group is just what you need!   30 minute on-line coaching groups, with a private Facebook group access! A community of like minded individuals who seek support in a healthier lifestyle! No more excuses as to why we can't - but empowerment for the 'OH YES WE CAN mindset!  This group will discuss different topics,  share tried and  true recipes, support one another, and be accessible  for questions and support.     All from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you may be! (ZOOM application will be needed and is a free app on all computers.)  This program runs 8 consecutive weeks.



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Dan's Success Story from coaching one-on-one with True To You services!

From 330 to 230 pounds, from 4 blood pressure medications down to one!  From a 52 inch waist to a 38 inch waist! A 3 XL which was tight to an XL fitting loose! All this in the course of 11 months! 

Progress! Success! and the Courage to change!!

At a routine doctors appointment, a nurse had talked with me about my weight but warned me about diabetes if I didn't keep up with the weight loss.   (Over the course of two years, I had already lost 50 pounds.)     This really shook me up!  And that was the pivotal point I needed to make even more changes to get healthier.  So with the kick of reality,  I decided to meet up with Cindy to get on the path that I really need to be on – I was ready for change!


I started working with her at the end of August 2016, she was still in school for health coaching and was willing to work with me.  I agreed to help her with her assignments.  Since I just had a full physical, I knew I was ready to go!  Since she wasn’t a nutritionist, she suggested  I meet with one to get the ground rules, which I did.  Once  that was out of the way, we started working together on a weekly basis.   

She took the guidelines given by the nutritionist and together we made a plan that would work for me.  From texting her from the grocery store, to being at an event with popcorn, she was there!  She talked me off the ledge of eating stuff I knew wasn’t on the plan. 

While helping her with her classes, she helped me with my food choices, importance of exercising and general support.  Without her support, I wouldn’t be where I am today – 100 pounds lighter, more active and in much better health!

Old Dan

Dan Today!


Current Events

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 Juice Plus+












The next best thing to fruits and vegetables!


Diet isn't something you do to lose weight.  Diet is what you eat every day to fuel your body and your life.


If you're like most people, the biggest deficiency in your diet is fruits and vegetables.  And the gap between what we should eat and do eat keeps growing.


Juice Plus+ has been helping people bridge this nutritional gap for more the 20 years.  Not with fragmented man-made vitamins, but with whole food nutrition.  And its healthful benefits have been clinically proven in more than 30 published medical studies conducted at leading hospitals and universities around the world.


If this is something you'd like more information on, please visit my web-site at

Feedback from clients using Juice Plus:

"Just 24 days on Juice Plus and I am more regular and 

sleep better - 6 to 9 hours instead of 2 or 3. 

I have more energy too!" M.M.

Having eczema and seasonal allergies - my skin has cleared up

and no signs of allergies!  Feeling better and have more energy! D.D.

"Just wanted you to know I went to the Doc's for my 4 month blood work. My kidneys are doing a lot better (I had renal failure, stage 4 last November), my liver is the best it's been in two years, my red/white blood counts were spot on. The only thing that was a problem was my sugar, which was under control for about a year (7). He put me on a low dose of Metformin, which I will only take over the holidays. Then I will make a one simple change, lol. Anyway I think over all for three months on JP, I am a very happy customer."  Michelle I.

"I’ve been taking Juice Plus+ for approximately five months, Vineyard, Orchard and Garden Blends, two capsules of each every day.  I don’t feel as hungry & my energy level has also increased a lot.  It’s like a night & day between how I felt before I started and now.  With this new energy I’ve been motivated to get to the gym!  The combination of Juice Plus+ and regular gym visits, I’m losing weight and feeling healthier every day." NC

Higher energy levels, feeling full after a shake, sleeping better, recovered from a trama quicker and without incident.  These are just a few comments I have heard along the way! 

Check it out for yourself - Click the link above for more information!

Young Living Essential Oils


Young Living inspires wellness, purpose, and abundance by distilling nature’s greatest gifts into pure essential oils. With a commitment to plant purity and essential oil potency, only farming organically without any chemicals or pesticides.  From seed to seal, these oils are pure, GRADE A oils, straight from the plants themselves!      Nothing is diluted,  or altered, there is no middle man - Young Living farms and distills  everything, right there on the farms themselves, start to finish!


Essential Oils can be used  for just about anything, cleaning without toxins, personal care products without chemicals,     and for your health in general.  Toxins are known to disrupt hormones, speed up the  aging process, interfere with fertility, cause cancer, and who know what else.  Aren't you worth living a life that is as pure as it can be.   Find out more at

AquaTru Water Filter

An affordable way to have pure water right at your finger tips!

No plastic bottles to harm the environment!

Take out harmful chemicles, like clorine and flouride, from your tap water - PURE!

The first and only countertop reverse osmosis water purifier that is certified to create bottled-quality water from your  tap. No plumbing or installation required.


AquaTru's exclusive, patent pending Ultra Pure Reverse Osmosis Technology miniaturized the same reverse osmosis technology used by all the major bottled brands and puts it into a compact countertop water purifier. (click here to watch animation of how AquaTru works)


Click here to find out more through my affliate referral link:

Past Events


July 12, 2017  Wine and Wellness

August 14 - 24th, 2017, Detox Restart

 September 11 - 20th, 2017, Shred 10 with Juice Plus

October 5, 2017, Heatlhy Families Workshop

October 26, 2017, Ghoulish Delights - Wine and Wellness - Sugar, it's scary!

October 23 - November 5, 2017 - Pre Holiday Restart!

November 6 - 15th, 2017 Shred 10 with Juice Plus!

November 16, 2017 - Holiday Stress!


January 7, 2018 Salad in a Jar party!

January 14, 2018 Smoothie Freezer Prep - cancelled

February 11, 2018 Soup Swap - Sharing benifits of home made soup!

March 11, 2018 Toxic Household - Hidden Dangers in Your Home

May 17, 2018 - Breaking down the package! 

June 4 - 14, 2018 Shred 10 with Juice Plus!

July 11, 2018 - Tower Gardening Open House

November 18, 2018 - Holiday Stress

December 16, 2018 - Healthy Holiday Treats


January 6, 2019 - Salad in a Jar

January 7 - 16, 2019 - Shred 10 with Juice Plus

January 17 - 24, 2019 - Back to Basics, (on-line workshop)

January 27, 2019 - Making it Happen in 2019 (Vision board Workshop)

February 10, 2019 - Soup Swap

February 24th, 2019 -  The Basics of Essential Oils 101

March 10th, 2019 - Omegas and your Brain

March 12th - April 16th, 2019 - Abundant Living with the Daniel Plan - 6 weeks to a healthier you!

March 24th, 2019 - Breakfast make-n-takes for people on the go!

Detoxify your household!  April 28th, 2019 3pm - Facebook LIVE!



If you missed an event,  there will be more to come!

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