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Confessions of a Health Coach

"In order for me to be true to my clients -

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Eat to LIVE!

So let me ask you, do you look for the easy fix in weight loss?


For my entire life – I have battled food. Granted, I was blessed not to have an eating disorder or something serious, however food rules most of my waking thoughts! When is my next meal – what can I eat for a snack – I need sweets – oh a fancy coffee would be so delicious right now, and so on… I’ve gone to Weight Watchers, I’ve done Slim Fast, tried Dexatrim, I’ve even done a pure liquid diet and it was so successful, until it wasn’t! WHY do we lose and regain only to do it all over again – after our self-talk beats us up for failing yet again!


I’m sure we all have that sneaky child within us, you know the one – I’ll only have one and it wont matter attitude when the cookies are out – or if the family is going for ice cream getting the kiddy cone – or heaven forbid a bag of chips is left on the counter. Once you have that one bite it turns into two, three, the bag! and before you know it, you have blown everything you had planned for that day because of that ONE taste.


I have kidded myself a lot lately, with my food issues, my weight, just to name a few.   I can only speak about my experiences, my points of view, but I’m willing to bet that there are some out there that can resonate with this 100%.   When it comes to food issues – how many times do you start and stop a ‘diet’? I think it would be safe to assume we start on Monday and unless we are determined and prepared, we can make the hump through the weekend. Willpower – as most of you may know only goes so far! It really takes so much more than pure willpower!


I have listened to a lot of the theory’s of dieting, Paleo, Keto, plant-based, there are just so many out there! Do this – don’t do that – it’s mind blowing! And it seems every year – there are MORE. This country spends $60 BILLION on diet products every year – looking for that quick and easy way to loose weight. MY GOSH – that could feed starving children! Let me tell you a little secret: you didn’t gain weight over night! SHOCKER!


We watch too much TV, we don’t get out into nature and play anymore, water has become an unthought-of drink for some, and VEGGIES – good grief! If only we would nourish our bodies with foods that God put on this planet to use for nourishment – perhaps the diseases would lessen, there would be more happy healthy kids in school, not on meds for ADD/ADHD, and the environment would be restored to a peaceful balance.


In 2018 Americans consumed 222 pounds of meat per person! PER PERSON! Producing 103.1 billion pounds in 2018 just in the USA. THAT is a whole lot of livestock! Vegetables are a sad scene too – the average American only eats 2 serving of fruits and 3 servings of vegetables per day – when in fact the recommended amount is 5 to 13 servings per day! Something is really off balance, can you see it? Is this making sense to you?!


In order for our bodies to get rid of the excess weight and keep it off – we need to change how we look at food. Food keeps our bodies running, functioning, it’s a machine and food is the fuel! We were not put here to eat but to live, live a life of purpose, to live abundantly!   Once we switch our thinking, the eating part will follow. I know I eat to live, and have given up living to eat! My health and YOURs is priceless and I know we are both worth it!


Coach Cindy