About Me

My story isn’t one of uniqueness but rather enlightenment.  Like many people, I never really looked at the foods I was eating, how they were processed, what went into them to make them what they were.  I have struggled with my weight and self-esteem all my life, I know the ups and downs of diets, the disappointment of weight gain and the struggles of maintaining any weight that I had lost.  Yes, weight has affected my whole being for most of my life.

It began in 2012 with the documentary ‘Food Inc.’ (see trailer below), the eye opener that started my journey, my true metamorphosis.  After a hip replacement and being at my heaviest weight, I put all the knowledge I had learned into gear and began working on a new healthier me.  The food I was eating changed; no processed foods, NO sugars, only clean non-antibiotic meats (local farm grown when I could), I even tried my hand at going Vegan!  Exercise became an important part of my daily routine; even a 10-minute DVD workout was better than not moving at all!   Organic, clean, real God given foods that haven’t been processed by man, is my new way of living.  You see, we are all human; we all have slip ups but I have gone from a free spirited eater to one that pays attention to what my body needs to function. I have had health issues and know what comes with them. Life has led me to a passion for wellness, which I want to share with others.

Through all of this I was seeing results and I continued to dive into all kinds of information on our food supply, which continued to fan the flame of my new found passion for wellness.  I wanted to share my new found knowledge with everyone which led me to pursue a Master Health Coaching Certificate at the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.  I have been trained on the science of good eating. Simply stated, I can help you achieve a healthier life style using the four pillars of health; Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition.

Aren't you worth being healthy from the inside out! When you love yourself, your body will respond in a positive way and bring you health and harmony.  Be true to you, after all there is only one you, take care of the body you were given and it will take care of you!!

My weight loss story: 

Heavy all my life, dieting most of it but never really 'getting' it right to keep the weight off for good, I would lose 20 pounds here and there, but for some reason, it always found me again!    The stress of my weight on my body finally got the best-of-me and arthritis finally won. In 2013, I had to have a hip replacement at the young age of 46. Since I was immobilized with the arthritis, my weight ballooned to an all time high of 220 pounds. 

Prior to my surgery, my curiosity had peaked with the food industry (see above).  With the knowledge I had gained researching, I made a promise to myself, once I recovered from my surgery I would begin a healthy living regime, buckle down and figure out what makes this body of mine tick and how do I keep it healthy, arthritis free, and running the way it was designed to.     Fast forward two years, I’m now 160 pounds and have been this weight for over a year.   I exercise every day and have three major workouts a week.  I feel so much better, I'm more active and it shows!

I am human,  I do slip up  but my choices for those slips are 100% better than what they would have looked like before.  I eat minimal processed food, stick to clean, whole food eating and actually enjoy eating healthy.  I have changed the purpose of eating from living to eat, to eating to live, and that has given me freedom from the bondage of dieting!

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